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GB Garage Doors and Gates routinely service from Warwick to Stanthorpe and surrounding areas

 We offer residential, commercial and industrial installation and repair of all your garage door and gate needs. Don't keep dealing with the inconvenience of multiple gates and/or garage doors. GB Garage doors will make it as easy as the push of a button. Cell phone connectivity,  keypads, battery back ups, alarm integration and priority based access systems are possible with some of our advanced installations.   

GB Garage Doors custom design and fabricate gates too!

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Garage Doors
​We have a number of different options for all your panel door and roller door requirements. B&D,Steeline, Centurion, ARD, Titan, Napoleon. We can access all models of residential, commercial and industrial doors.
Electric Openers
Although favouring roller door and sectional door openers by Automatic Technology Australia (ATA) and Merlin, we can supply and service motors by BnD, Boss, Gliderol and more.  


​We can install gates and remote gate openers for your convenience. We specialise in Centurion Systems and Elseema gate motors but can service all makes and models.

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Signs your door needs Servicing

 A few signs your roller door may need a service:

- grinding, screeching or scraping sounds

- more difficult to open than close (or the opposite)

- door catches or jerks during travel

- door "balloons" roll when closing from fully open

- door doesn't close fully or reverses for no reason

- door doesn't open fully or reverses for no reason

Roller door Service includes (as needed):

- tension main springs

- lubricating main springs

- adjusting track alignment

- lubricate track

- adjusting shaft alignment (2 axis)

- shaft bushing lubrication 

- motor limit setting adjustment

- motor force setting adjustment

- lock collar installation

- door pinning (attach curtain to roll for security)